documentary feature, Poland, 2022, 80 min



Lidia Duda

Wojciech Staroń,Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi

Aura Films

Laokoon Lab: conforming, correction, vfx, opening and closing credits, broadcast file

Lidia Duda’s documentary comedy drama is an intimate story about the need for intimacy, friendship and the power of touch. Full of delicacy and humor, the film was awarded four prizes at the 19th edition of the Millennium Doc Against Gravity Festival.

There are three of them. What they have in common is their disability. They are different in all the other possible ways. Zosia has a strong personality and is full of fantasy, Oskar is insecure and vulnerable, while Kinga is independent but shy – these first-graders are entering a boarding school for blind and visually impaired children. They are like fledglings – too young to leave their family home.

Laokoon Lab: conforming, correction, vfx, initial and final credits, broadcast file